New construction is often mistakenly considered the “line of least resistance” in our field. The idea that it’s easier to bulldoze and start over from scratch, so to speak. Not necessarily true. With constantly evolving technologies and materials giving rise to complex building codes to address them, new construction is an involved process. There is far more to consider than style and attractive spaces. The modern home needs to perform, from energy consumption to addressing your lifestyle needs efficiently. This calls for a capable and experienced designer to achieve your intended outcome. You want a Designer that understands the intricacies of proper documentation and the detailed requirements of the permitting authority. At Habitations we pride ourselves in producing quality, properly documented designs that address your needs and desires while addressing the requirements of current permitting guidelines. We will ensure the process is as smooth as possible while maintaining our position as your advocate in the process. We’ll take care of the detail so you can enjoy the adventure.

Please forgive the sparse number of projects in this section as our primary focus is still Renovation / Retrofit Design. However, new construction is at times the only practical solution that meets the client’s needs. These projects reflect the occasions of late that this has been the case.