These projects represent the extent of what can be achieved with an existing property. These represent the bulk of our design focus. Creating a new home from the ‘bones’ of an existing structure is among the more thoughtful and considerate endeavors in building construction. First, one might consider this the highest form of recycling. All of the core homes were created from the labor of skilled individuals often using a grade of material no longer available due to over-forestation and current cost. They have significant value in every way. Second, these homes had significant impact on the earth at the time of their creation. They have settled and become a working part of the local environment. Why tear out this functioning structure and visit even greater impact on the environmental when it can be reused? Finally, for the very reasons inherent with that level of soil and erosion disturbance, a new construction permit takes significantly longer to acquire at significant expense. In reusing these structures, or significant portions thereof, the impact is lessened and the outcome more readily predicable. Hence a Renovation / Rehab permit takes into consideration this lessened impact in terms of review time and supplemental engineering cost. We hope these examples will show the potential that lies in virtually every older home. Most of these projects don’t even remotely resemble what they were in their previous iteration. Before you bull-doze or simply walk away, give us a call. You may be surprised and even feel a little pride in doing the better thing. Think about it.