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The following questionnaire is to evaluate your eligibility for a complementary on-site consultation. As this service comes at a cost to Habitations in both time and resources, we can only be as vested in the process as you are. Therefor, like the staff of Habitations, this requires an investment of time and effort on your part as well. The following survey encompasses some 50+ questions that help us understand your specific needs and vision. This information WILL NOT be shared with any 3rd party without your expressed written consent. They are designed not only to establish a baseline for our meeting but moreover to spark your thoughts on topics you may not have considered thus far. We sincerely hope you enjoy the process.

Yes, all questions are important (or we wouldn’t ask) but few are independently critical. Answer them to the best of your ability. More information is better than less. In addition, once you have submitted your survey, you may wish to forward additional photos or support data you feel might be beneficial in expressing your ideal. Simply reference “Supplemental Survey Support” in your email. The submission of this completed form will initiate the process to schedule your consultation. Following our review of the data we’ll be touch by email, phone or both. We look forward to speaking with you soon. It is our sincere hope that this is the beginning of our joint effort in the process of realizing your unique vision.

Nemo Platt


Ambassador Emeritus
Passing in Dec. of 2017, Nemo was Habitations’ oldest associate with over 91 (dog) years at his post. Nemo began his tenure with the company as a security guard at the age of 7 (49).  As the years passed, his ambition and loyalty never went unappreciated or unnoticed. Nemo held his position as Head of Security and ultimately rose to Director of Quality Control.  A position he held until the age of 98. Nemo rejected retirement and was always seen in the office reviewing plans and protecting the staff from a stream of threats to include Fedex drivers, Postal workers or UPS drivers. One of his favorite activities was clients reception and warming their feet during consultations. The office intensely feels his absence and misses the presence of floating dog hair, dog beds and the calming aroma of kibble.  There is truly a void in our midst that cannot be filled.