At the onset, this house was filled with potential and in remarkably good condition, structurally speaking. Virtually all of the rooms were large with the exception of the Kitchen, a virtual postage stamp. It had been broken into smaller spaces to include a tiny Breakfast room which was not uncommon in the 20’s and 30’s. It had 2 Bedrooms and 1 Bath and what was essentially a ladder-stair to the attic. The attic was MASSIVE! So that’s where we had to go.First, we dealt with the entry level. A small mud room projection that had been a laundry and rear entry was not salvageable. Rather, we annexed that space and eliminated the small breakfast room to create a more workable eat-in Kitchen. A code stair had to be created for proper access to the new 2nd floor. This presented a nice alcove for a full-sized stack Washer/Dryer under the stair in the Kitchen. We redefined the existing spaces downstairs and retained only one as a proper Guest Bedroom. Upstairs, in the attic, we expanded to the rear with a full-width dormer so not to affect the charming street elevation. The only thing that gave away the attic annex was three well placed skylights in the front; 2 in the new Master Bedroom and one in the upper stair landing. The space annexed allowed for a nice Master Bedroom and Bath upstairs with a third bedroom with a walk-in closet and a 3rd Bath. In the front gable, a very nice area was created that could be either a sitting room, study or even a 4th Bedroom with a closet framed out. All was accomplished by reinforcing the existing ceilings (attic floor) with parallel joists and introducing knee walls to offer additional support to the rafters. This was a very successful attic expansion.