A Builder is not necessarily a Builder

This is a service we don’t enjoy so much. However, someone has to do it. In the world of renovation, a builder is not necessarily a builder. Renovation takes a great deal of experience. Knowing the era of the home you are modifying and understanding its inherent limitations are among the issues. This is a case where the builder did a beautiful renovation with a complete 2nd story addition. Although they assumed the perimeter footings were adequate to carry the new floor level, they failed to assess the interior footings in the crawlspace adequately. They were overloaded and began to sink very, very slowly over time. This drove the new owner crazy as things kept moving and separating ever so slightly in the Kitchen and other rooms. After a year or so of caulking the kitchen every 3 months, they sought help. We were able to facilitate documenting the existing condition and acquiring a structural analysis of what was happening. A solution was developed and the insurance process ensued.