Allatoona Renovation

This home is filled with history and charm as it is! The owner had wanted this home for years until recently, the opportunity arose to acquire it. What we have depicted here is only what we could fit in light of our space and your time. The home itself is a brilliant quarried granite shell with a conventionally framed interior structure. IN light of its age, it is in remarkable condition and quite lovely. However, the new owner wanted not only the grand charm of this practical landmark, but also an interior that meets the needs of his social life, family and entertaining. He wanted an open plan (easier said than done) with far more dramatic vistas of the lake.We started by removing major walls and a basement access stair to combine several areas into a flowing space for guests and family. The major exterior wall overlooking the lake was deleted complete and the entire space was extended 7’ out to the patio. Ceilings were vaulted, large vista windows introduced, a major Kitchen redesign with a fabulous Guest Lounge and much more. It’s still a work in progress at the time of this release but at any stage, it is marvelous.