How Investors Do It

A select number of our clients are investors. I say select as we only deal with reputable players that perform quality renovations. This is an example of one of those projects. The graphics are a little sparce as it has just gone to permit and we are building sales graphics and ultimately photos. The existing house is no longer relevant to the area market. It is far too small with no amenities. Hence, it’s a major remodel candidate. The upsides are numerous. The street is very desirable. The community even more so. The foundation is rock solid and perfect for a reno permit vs. new construction. It is well placed on a deep lot and affords a generous detached 2-car garage while still allowing for a very spacious back yard for children. So, in the end, what is was does not matter. What it will be is quite another story. In this instance, we chose to run with an early 1900’s bungalow them with brick arches and a curved entry canopy. The house flows nicely and has a formal feel with a very open plan. It can go both ways. It has some features that aren’t as hgracious as we hoped, like the laundry (very adequate though), but the bedrooms have charm with walk out balconies and a feel of privacy. This reno sports 4 Bedrooms and 3.5 Bathrooms, a formal dining and large eat-in Kitchen, open to the Living with a lovely all-weather screened porch.