An interesting project only in that, by a miracle, no one was injured. This was a situation where a high-speed chase ended abruptly when the driver being pursued exited the highway thinking they would elude police by speeding straight across the exit ramp and re-enter the highway. One problem… was an exit ONLY ramp. The other side of the road at the head of the ramp was an apartment complex. In a feeble attempt to turn at high speed, the vehicle launched from the roadway and crashed into two bedrooms sideways. Fortunately, the occupants in both units had just left for different reasons. The damage to the structure was significant and the situation needed to be stabilized rapidly and staged for repair as quickly as possible. At the behest of our engineer, the occupants of the three units above had to be vacated until work could be completed. We met the engineer on site in one day; assessed the damage and developed a temporary bracing solution to be executed immediately. The design firm out of Texas, for the original construction, was contacted the next day and the original construction documents were transmitted via internet. Working with the engineer and permitting officials, a solution was developed, documented and permitted within 10 days. It doesn’t always happen this fast but at times it must. This is one of those cases.