Clean and Simple

This is a nice example of a clean and simple basement buildout. The owners are delightful retirees that very much enjoy their children and moreover, grandchildren. The only challenges were the odd mix of spaces and the absence of any air conditioning. The spaces needed were: a Workshop with ventilation, a Home Theater to seat 7, a small Den, a Guest Bedroom, a Bathroom and Snack Bar. Structurally, we needed to do virtually nothing. However, arranging the spaces and assuring the mechanical systems would work (and be obscure) was one to ponder a minute. We located and identified a number of plumbing lines that could be tapped for the job. With a little creative slab cutting and some skilled building professionals, all fell into place. Oh yeah, almost forgot, we introduced a gas fireplace in the Den that vented thru the sidewall. It’s the little things, ya’ know?