Historic Compliance Design

This project was most interesting as it was a non-descript simple ranch on a full daylight basement on the same street as several excellent examples of 1930’s through 1940’s homes. The fundamental challenge was discovered to be the environmental sensitivity of the site. The home resides in what was ultimately a protected wetland. Furthermore, as this is historic Druid Hills; any solution had to meet historic design criteria. So, very little could be expanded “out” from the footprint in any direction except to the left. Upon survey, the existing driveway was effectively not on the property at all and had to abandoned! The proposed design recovered the entire Basement allowing for 3 Bedrooms and 2 Baths, a home Theater and a Game Room. It allowed for a very comfortable “Master on Main” and further offers two additional bedrooms, a playroom and Bathroom on the 2nd floor (1/2 story). A fortunate administrative zoning variance allowed for a two-car carport within historic compliance; although not a garage. Ultimately, the entire project fully complied with the overarching environmental restrictions as well.