Historic Elegance

This home represents a true piece of Atlanta History. At over 100 years old, this fabulous home has stood the test of time. Tracing its history was a difficult task at best and we’re still not sure we have the true story. It appears to have started as a type of duplex with the owner on the entry level and a rental suite with a private stair (exterior) on the 2nd floor. Over time, and only 3 owners, the house evolved. The Upstairs was converted to rental rooms with a communal kitchen. The entry level was expanded in a somewhat makeshift fashion and a fire stair was introduced for the boarding rooms. All in all, a bit of a hodgepodge. However, throughout it all, a number of incredible features survived the whole time. Mostly, a number of fabulous glass interior doors and leaded windows among other things. Unfortunately, the roof (also modified over time) fell into disrepair and ultimately leaked with notable water damage. Although the exterior stair had been enclosed and brought into the main house, it was essentially gone from water damage when we started. Access to the upper floor was via a ladder only. The young couple that bought this Grand Dame were both obsessed and overwhelmed. I’m grateful they have had the strength to hang with the ups and downs a mission like this entails. Its potential was obvious and its size impressive. However, the task to come was daunting; ultimately for all of us. It is under construction now and we hope to have updates to this page when it’s finished.