Huh? That Never Leaked Before

Although small, this was an unusual project and somewhat difficult to document. There is a lot of discussion and disagreement surrounding climate change. The common ground is that it is upon us. This is an unfortunate case for the effects. A long-term repeat client (Condominium Conversion) found themselves with a dilemma. Although several building had experienced some minimal water intrusion over the years, one building showed considerable intrusion on the terrace level. Years of changing weather manifested in heavy and routine rainfall created a condition previously not thought realistic. Especially since lesser remedies had been successful in previous occurrences throughout the complex to include this building. In this case, we brought together the right team to investigate the problem and develop a PERMANENT solution. Subsequently, a solution was developed in a comprehensive manner involving excavation, waterproofing, arborists, regrading and surface soil retention. Like my father used to say, ”Don’t fix it, repair it”. We did just that. However, that was literally half the problem. This was a project that certainly required permitting but did not fit in any particular dept. at the permitting authority. We created a set of drawings that explained a small but complex problem and solution. We then assisted in the permitting process and saw the execution thought to completion. In the end, regardless of your project, we have the resources to bring the program together and follow it to a positive conclusion.