It’s Not Always Business

Not all of these projects represent what we can do for the client with means or the insurer or the builder. Occasionally, it’s just the right thing to do. This was a crushing tree fall that damaged a tiny home in a low-to-moderate income community. In virtually every case like this, based on the home, we would recommend a tear-down. Unfortunately, this owner was in the only home she could afford. She had a steady job of several years and rather predictable budget. She needed an insurance miracle. Although we did not feel at ease with the builder, she needed our help. There isn’t much to say. We were able to identify that the tree damage extended into adjacent framing and even to the foundation. We were able to document the damage and propose a solution that would give her a better home than that which we found and, within the margins of the insurance scope. We didn’t make anything, but we sure felt good.