Lindbergh Bungalow

This home was a great find on a beautifully wooded aside a secluded horseshoe in the heart of Lindbergh. I never knew this fabulous little enclave existed. As is common to older homes, it has a well-established and maintained yard with plentiful hardwoods. It had a secluded rear patio and a nicely placed 2-car detached garage behind the home accessible via a side drive. It is actually rather large for its configuration with 2 reasonable Bedrooms and one and half Baths. The owner was a young single professional in the financial industry. This was perfect for them….with some changes of course. Naturally it needed a 3rd bedroom; specifically, a proper Master Suite. It could use more storage space and a rework of the Kitchen. The rear Patio needed upgrades to the current decade and there is an odd but interesting little basement. Odd primarily due to the awkwardly steep access stair and low ceilings at only 7 feet. This is where the laundry was. We decided to change that.