Major Ranch Transformation

This property resides in Sandy Springs on a quiet and secluded cul-de-sac. Although the lot was rather large, it is wedge shaped and abuts state property with significant easement/s. The resulting “buildable area” was somewhat confined. Essentially, the footprint available was greatly the only workable area with marginal latitude. The base house is very plain one-story ranch with an off-grade floor system. The owner desired a profound modern conversion with very specific amenities to include rooftop decks (2), social Kitchen, indoor and outdoor living areas and a meditation room among others. This in union with the conventional 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath requisite. With 2 levels and a rooftop deck, the stair would travel 3 full floors. Since stairs are interesting to look at, I decided to make this the dominant element in the approach to the house. The other challenge was an abrupt drop-off of the property immediately on the left side of the house. The decision was to expand the kitchen/social area over that drop, on piers. Unfortunately, we experienced some setbacks and the project was abandoned at the startup of construction. Regardless, a very cool house, yes?