Mechanical Mess

This project is not featured to display our brilliant interior design skills. In fact, we have misplaced the photos of the final project which doesn’t remotely reflect the finishes in the interior graphics. (Our Bad) Their style (in the basement) was much more contemporary and we did actually do the interior design. Trust me, it is lovely. What we are trying to display is the complications present in a typical basement. For the original builder, basements are normally an afterthought and rarely prepped worth a damn. In this case, the basement is nothing less than massive….and a mess We only addressed less than half of the space. For this example, we have included the permit drawings and photographs of the existing space to give some feel of the system snarl we untangled. This is why you need a designer….always. The house above is, well, huge. The basement concealed extensive A/C ductwork and plumbing to service that house (above) that had marginal latitude for movement at best. This is where we must “shape” the spaces in a manner that makes visual sense while concealing the critical systems of the home. Often not an easy task. Hopefully, this will give you some idea of what you’re paying for.