Multifamily Roof Fire

This is among the more typical Catastrophic Damage projects we encounter. An apartment fire in a mid to late 1970’s apartment building. Generally speaking, these projects do not tend to be as urgent in their need for response. However, once the project reaches us, significant time has passed, and everyone is ready for it to be finished. The units have not been producing revenue for some time and present a level of liability to the owner, even unoccupied. The builder is now under pressure to perform briskly as the insurance clock has begun to tick. Someone needs to get the ball rolling. This is what we do. First, we identify the project on the tax records of the governing authority and gather pertinent data. Then, we attain a copy of the fire Marshall’s report to determine their documentation of the situation. Then we determine the era of the structure and evaluate the construction methods used at the time of construction. Then we determine how much of the damage may be repaired to the original state and how much must be improved to current code. We recreate the building in 3D in our graphic software and carefully enumerate the damage on a unit-by-unit basis. The engineers are called in to assess the overall situation and discuss any specific points of concern that we have identified. This often calls for bringing in truss frabricators and their engineering team to determine replace-or-repair options. There is a lot more to it but needless to say, it’s a process. A process that is learned and polished over time. Give us a call, we’ve done this a couple times.