Opportunity Can Follow a Fire

Certainly not what we hope for but, with the right team, lemonade from lemons. This project was just that. A tenant fire in the top floor of a 12-unit building. The bulk of the damage was to the roof system although the water damage was significant. The property had been purchased for specific upgrades to address a changing (improving) economy and resurgence of quality renters in the area. The tenant fire was a mess. Primarily due to the codes improvement issues which rose. This includes retrofit sprinkling of the building. Not a welcome expense. However, the fire did allow significant analysis of many challenges present in many of the buildings on the property. Some of these considerations were primarily marketing, such as in retrofit in-unit laundry facilities. Other considerations were more efficient and cost-effective A/C systems for both tenant consideration and long-term durability concerns. Other challenges were large, dated plexiglass skylights in the building atriums that has ceased working well many years ago. New, cost effective and durable skylight systems were employed with Velux to address the owner’s needs. With the right team, a fire may present opportunity for thoughtful improvement. We’re that team. We’d like to be yours.