This project represents one benefit of effective and cooperative service. As a Restoration Contractor, when you solve a client’s problems quickly and efficiently, they often call before there’s a problem in the future. That’s why all of our client’s success matters to Habitations. What’s good for you is good for us. This project, at an assisted care facility, was interesting as it involved a third-floor elevated patio deck with a solid perimeter wall. The client used the deck to allow the residents routine time outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. However, although there was no roof, the perimeter wall was solid and blocked a beautiful view of the Piedmont. They wanted to replace the solid wall with a hybrid aluminum and glass wall design that would afford a view and allow some air movement. Having experience in custom aluminum fabrication of all types, we consulted with our engineers and got to work. The solution was elegant, and the client was very pleased. The story doesn’t end there though. During our field data collection, we determined that the existing deck platform was structurally under-designed and posed a point of significant liability to the owner. We were able to bring this to the owner’s attention with a practical solution that could be integrated into the partition upgrade process. They achieved the upgrade they wanted for their residents while averting a dangerous situation. The contractor received a larger work order while showing their client that they are a full-service provider. That’s the result we intend to achieve each and every time.