Restaurant Rehab

Fortunately, through our relationship with Warner Architectural Associates, projects like this are well within our wheelhouse. The was an establishment (former Shoney’s) that had been a Mediterranean restaurant for some time. A fire occurred after hours at a bar-back area that burned the roof system significantly. The tenant chose to exercise an option in their lease and cease business at this location in the future. Hence, the owner wanted to renovate the building for lease in a nice but “vanilla” format. I say vanilla because the finish needed to be flexible for whatever cuisine type may take the space. The building had to be flexible but advanced in code compliance to minimize buildout cost for a potential tenant.The major issue was a trussed roof system with major damage in the center trusses. Our experience allowed us to repair the trusses rather that remove the roof and replace them. Furthermore, the owner saw an opportunity to make the HVAC more efficient, reliable and durable by upgrading and changing the system design. Naturally, there were some bumps along the way but the system overall went very smoothly and integrated well into the existing structure.