Small Changes, Big Results

This is a nice example of a quality Investor Project. Times have changed and so has what we want in a home. In this case, as typical to this project type, we needed to merge Acquisition Cost, Retail Value and Appropriate Changes and upgrades. In other words, the Buyer needs to attain a home that meets their needs in line with the value they have to expend and, the Builder/Investor needs to make money. This is an excellent example. With fairly simple changes, a more modern floor plan has been achieved with pleasant and adequately sized rooms, improved storage and a Powder Room. A lovely open-plan Living/Dining/Kitchen area is achieved, and the builder has sufficient funds set aside to improve the seriously important things you don’t see. Things like hidden foundation and framing repairs, HVAC system improvements, Electrical upgrades, Etc. We did some minor modifications to the front porch design and created an improved curb-appeal and a vaulted front porch ceiling. Overall, we did not increase the floor area one square inch while making the home much more functional and attractive to a young family.