The Hill from Hell

Really. This may be the bravest homeowner I’ve ever known. Their driveway is, to say the least, a little aggressive. Hard to say which is worse, going up or coming down. Oddly, a house is plopped right in the middle, on a flat spot, halfway up. What it does have is an incredible view of the Atlanta skyline. She really likes that….but hates the house. So, her desire is to make the home more livable and market appropriate in every way, on a reasonable budget. Defining reasonable has been a challenge. What is depicted is our current iteration in the design process. Due to the cost of grading and work necessary to make the hill less terrifying, we have broken this into 2 phases. The house design takes full advantage of the existing foundation system with a very simple structural redesign. It just looks complicated and, that’s good design! We accommodate 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with ample storage and open-space planning while utilizing the effectively flat area of the lot. Phase 2 addresses a detached garage in the rear that affords a large rooftop deck to take greater advantage of the terrific urban vista. Then, the driveway can later be rerouted to diminish the slope by 50% while increasing off-street parking with up to 6 cars beside her 2. Could be very nice if you ask me.