Tight Spaces

In this day and time, with the constant search for build-able property inside the perimeter, finding an affordable lot is difficult and usually comes with a catch; a reason why this lot remained available for some time. In this case it was the size primarily at 50′ x 50′, among other things. A rather restrictive variance approval was necessary to allow for workable building parameters alone. Although there were several other hurdles, this was sufficient for the start. As this was an investment property, we needed to develop an appealing floor plan with amenities commensurate with the community and this generation of consumer. It had to be attractive, cost effective, solid and allow for a realistic profit to the developer. We originally chose a slightly more modern appeal based upon the “Prairie Modern” styling of Frank Lloyd Wright. However, the owner chose to go with a more traditional appearance at the behest of the realtor. In fairness, this choice did allow for a very useful deck off the Master. However, we are still pretty fond of our choice. Time will tell as the home changes hands through the years.