Almost perfect….at least that’s what the owner felt. This home in Sandy Springs was a good deal. Very large with room to grow into a potential 3rd level. The owners saw this when they bought it. However, over time, it had its challenges. It was the original developers’ homes and framed exceptionally well. Unfortunately, that’s where the good part stops. The home had true hardcoat stucco at all elevations and had not been flashed properly or insulated well. The end result was significant leaks with corresponding damage and a drafty inefficient interior. The owner chose to retain our services to create a phased approach to address these issues and others.The Kitchen was small and inefficient for the size of the home and the access from Kitchen to the Dining was choppy. The backyard is large with a massive trellis structure and great potential that the owner enjoyed. It was their desire to add an appropriate Breakfast room while addressing the Kitchen and Dining issues. In addition, the Master Bath suffered from significant leak damage and was also a less than complementary design for the size of the home. In our design we accomplished all requested to include a redesigned and expanded M. bath & Kitchen with an appropriate Breakfast Room and reworked access to the Dining Room. The exterior stucco was to be removed and a new exterior look created from fiber-cement lap siding, brick and stacked stone.