When Trees Take Aim

This project depicts, what was on the surface, a simple claim to a single-family residence. A tree fell in a storm and crushed the back wall of a 2-story sunroom; the glass wall specifically. It could not have been more devastating if it had intentionally aimed. Although there was some roof damage it was not a real head-scratcher at first glance. Actually, it was. Insurance is based on the premise of returning you to a pre-damage state in “like-kind and quality”. This was a dated, and architecturally prominent, residence for the area. The 2-story glass wall could not easily be restored as it was. The wall had been built in a time, and using techniques, no longer accepted for safety reasons. Furthermore, we had to address energy efficiency under current code. Using engineered materials in unconventional ways and working with the builder and window fabricator, we were able to recreate the wall in near perfection and meet all current design criteria. Even the claim’s adjuster was happy.