A catastrophic damage claim for a fire or crushing tree failure is generally a big problem that is presented abruptly.  For the owner, then comes the process of recovering from the mishap and navigating complicated territory. For the recovery professional, there is the ongoing challenge of getting the situation documented, a solution developed  and submitted for permitting ASAP. The intention is to restore the property to its pre-damage state within specific time and contractual guidelines. Permits WILL be required, and the situation must be graphically documented. The drawings must present the original state, the damage that has occurred and a clear path to recovery. Often easier said than done. At Habitations, our staff has been providing such services since 1984. We know the process and how to move quickly and efficiently to meet the requirements of the Insurer, the contractor and the permitting authorities. We offer our services to Insurers, Contractors and Homeowners alike with one thought in mind; get is done right and get started now. Breathe a little easier; make Habitations your first call.

The projects displayed in this section are provided to sample the types of situations we can, and have, managed as a matter of course.  Furthermore, they give a hint of the type and quality of professionals we can access for prompt results.  In each instance we have been able to respond quickly and efficiently in documenting not only the pre-damage condition but moreover the scope of the damage that occurred. We determine an approve-able solution in short order and graphically document how that solution will be achieved in a manner acceptable to the permitting authority. We price our work fairly and will work with the insurer to meet their limitations on a negotiated basis if required. We’re in it for the long haul. Our mission is to help the Owner return to their former status, help the insurer meet their obligation as quickly as practical and help the restoration professionals get to work in the most realistic time frame possible. We know that if we make your goals easier to achieve, we will in fact be your first consideration now and in the future.