For a myriad of reasons, Renovation / Retrofit Design is our specialty here at Habitations. In our opinion, not only is Renovation more responsible as a significant form of recycling, it also notably reduces the impact on these fabulously mature communities. Homes in the greater metro have origins spanning 100+ years and employ a multitude of construction techniques that have evolved over as many years. It’s imperative that you engage a design professional that understands the inherent limitations and obscure freedoms associated with structures from all eras. With over 39 years’ experience in Renovation/ Retrofit design, we can thoughtfully reshape your home from subtle alterations to major reconfiguration. We like to say that within every home lies another just waiting to be found. Let us help you stay in the community you love and find the home within that you’ve always envisioned. At Habitations, you CAN have it both ways.